Modular Furniture services in SULIKUNTE, KODATHI, BANGALORE-560035 by SPACE CRAFTERS


Modular Furniture

Modular Furniture is the furniture’s which are made in advance in different varieties that can be used according the match conditions, rooms or colors. We the space crafters have a wide range of collections of modular furniture, which can be used according to the needs of the customer. Each and every room has different attributes. Space Crafters makes this selection very wisely, we try different possibilities with our technology and finally finds out what is better for the room and its ambience. These elections will be purely based on the interior and the color we used on the walls. The main features using modular furniture are, they possess a great skill of adaptability according the room design, and another advantage is that it can be assembled very fast. The key feature is that it provides a good aesthetic appearance to the rooms. We can also make custom designs for different rooms such as drawing Room, Dining area, terrace balcony etc.Tailoring to the user's needs is another key advantage of using modular furniture. We collect the ideas from the clients and infuse our ideas to that to pool a design and make it for the client. We also tries to cover every attributes that client mentioned including size, shape, color etc.