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construction company in bangalore. we provide all modern constructions and interior designing works and modular furniture works all over india.

Space Crafters, “Crafting Future”. The best interior decorator in India! We mainly aim to create good designs, quality, value, and functionality all in one line in an aesthetic way. Our interiors have a groundbreaking ‘wow element’ that comes extraordinary & unique designs. Being the leading interior decorator company in India, we believe quality and value as the root of our popularity. Space Crafters home decorator in India will last, the hinges won’t pack in after a couple of years and your worktops won’t delaminate through everyday use. People buy with confidence because they know that the streamlined manufacturing processes guarantee quality interiors at an affordable price every time. Space Crafters, an interior decorator in India is committed to providing an exceptional, reliable and professional interior design service, with the experience and staff to equip and complete any project on time and on budget. With our friendly No Pressure, service we consider our service to be simply the best.

Our Concepts

Our concept of designing and decorating is entirely different from other interior designers.  The spacing your interiors balances on the basis of architecture, environmental condition, and end-product designs. We are very careful in picking the color, style, and trend. All the while, we are ensuring it to align with our clients’ needs. Our expert team in the designing section and commercial interiors has always been successful in generating positive reviews in and around the place and among the clients.

Space Crafters are not only the best home interior designers but we are also the best office interior designers & modular kitchen designers in India. Beautiful living space or commercial space happens when exquisite art collaborates with the design that is impeccable and we are experts at blending the two to provide you with what you seek. Our team of Interior decorators works in close-connected groups with the clients and designs home of clients’ needs and desire. We are completely aware of what exactly you are searching for and it is our promise to give you what is best and something that is beyond your expectations and imaginations. At Space Crafters, we effortlessly strategize and plan interior décor ideas that no one has ever seen or heard of and this is what turns the people to us. Because we always make unique designs for our clients. We collaborate with our customers to connect with their ideas and then customize it to match the modern contemporary design rules paradigms. By means of the state-of-the-art of Foreign Equipment and Craftsmanship, we create products that are permitted to endure the designation "Modular Furniture" in accordance with the good quality standards using Specialized Machinery for extra precision. We will design your dream home to a heavenly space that you can relax.